A quick note on rdoc.info and GitHub hooks

Firstly, lets get something straight: rdoc.info is an awesome place to host Ruby documentation. However, when I went to add a new project, the suggestion to add a post-commit hook containing “http://rdoc.info/projects/update” had me baffled. After wasting time following a red herring, I finally discovered that what I wanted was GitHub’s post-recieve hooks. Great! However, I could have saved myself a lot of time if rdoc.info was just a little clearer with its suggestion, perhaps providing a relevant link. If you have a project floating around the Internet, please consider taking a little more effort when explaining things and reduce the amount of assumed knowledge – users will really appreciate it!

UPDATE: rdoc.info has ears everywhere, and the new project page has been modified to address my little gripe. Yay!

  1. First of all, thanks for saying that rdoc.info is awesome :).

    To address your point, I think you’re absolutely right. Unfortunately I don’t believe you can hard-code a link to Github’s post-receive hook page for a given project (I could be wrong about that and please do correct me if that’s the case). The link on rdoc.info itself could definitely be improved though with some more relevant context for people who aren’t as familiar with GitHub though. Sometimes we take things for granted and shouldn’t :(. Sorry about that (and hey, happy to accept patches!)

    Fwiw, it’s also *way* more helpful to report things like this in the relevant place (like clicking the ‘problems or suggestions’ link on the rdoc.info homepage and filing an issue) rather than complaining on a blog, where it’s much less likely to be found and process by the project authors.

      • dismal_denizen
      • July 5th, 2010

      I completely agree that I should have filed an issue, but I was kind of wary that I may have just missed some knowledge that most Ruby developers knew already. I really just wanted to post so that people googling “http://rdoc.info/projects/update post-commit hook” in the future would get a better response than I did. I certainly hope that I didn’t come across as “complaining”, I really like rdoc.info – all hail Cthulhu fhtagn!

  2. Haha no worries at all. As per your suggestion, I updated the text on the new projects page; it now points users to the ‘official’ GitHub service hook (recently added). This should make it easier to grok for new users. Sometimes we all get a little caught up in our own terminology and overcomplicate things :). Definitely a good piece of feedback!

    Cthulhu loves you.

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