My top 6 Firefox extensions

There is a metric buttload of Firefox add-ons out there, some good and some bad. In order to make the process of finding the best extensions a little easier, I have shortlisted a few of my favourites.

Adblock Plus

Whenever I install Firefox, Adblock Plus is never far behind. This handy extension conserves your bandwidth by preventing the browser from downloading unwanted Flash banners and other nasty advertisements. Please be aware that many good, free projects depend on ads for funding, so consider adding exceptions to Adblock Plus for these sites.


As much as I love Firefox, the default download manager does leave something to be desired. Thankfully DownThemAll! is available to achieve the browser’s full file retrieving potential, adding features such as download acceleration and better management of files. On top of this, DTA also has the ability to scan through links in a web page, enabling you to do things such as download all linked MP3 files.


On the more whimsical end of the line is Flagfox, a simple extension which places a little flag icon in the address bar indicating the server’s location. Whilst not as useful as the other add-ons listed here, it is interesting to see which country you are pulling web data from.


It is quite surprising just how much some sites rely on Javascript for functionality. Unfortunately, some sites (*cough* LyricWiki *cough*) use Javascript for evil rather than good, doing things like disabling the ability to copy content onto the clipboard. Enter Greasemonkey, an extension which enables you to modify the client-side functionality of websites with user-made scripts. There is a nice repository of such scripts at, including a fix for the aforementioned LyricWiki nastiness.


UnPlug is by no means original or unique, as there are many tools around for downloading embedded media. However, I have found UnPlug to be the Firefox extension best suited to my needs, with support for YouTube and Vimeo along with DownThemAll! integration. It just works really well.


There are some nicely formatted websites out there, and there are also some absolute shockers. What if you find an informative article, but the layout hurts your eyes? Readability solves this dilemma by adding the ability to format information in a clean, eye-friendly way. Of course, you wouldn’t need it on my blog, because I only use excellent themes 🙂

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